5640 Salt Valley View
Lincoln, NE 68512

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Faith OPC is open for 11am worship, but currently limits attendance to those who are listed in our church directory, plus a few authorized by the Session.


All state and local mandates apply.
If you are sick or at risk, please do not come.
Someone will be posted at the front door each week to open it.
Temperatures will be checked upon entering and only those with a 99.0°F
temperature or less will be admitted.
Face coverings are required for everyone age 5 and up unless you cannot
wear one because of a condition that prevents it. There will be a limited
supply of paper masks available.
Members of households must sit together, maintaining six feet of social
distance from other parties.
There are no Bibles or hymnals in the pews. Please bring your own or print
out the full bulletin contents that are emailed to you on Saturday evening.
The kitchen and nursery are closed.
The only exception to kitchen use is that it may be used by a teacher for
conducting Sunday school classes via Zoom.
If you are going to need water or coffee, please bring your own.
Pew cushions have been removed from pews that can be used for seating.
Blankets have been removed, so if you tend to get cold, please bring your
own sweater or wrap.
We are limited to 50% of rated occupancy, which is 44, as space allows.
We will continue to stream the morning worship service via YouTube.

If Lincoln Public Schools suspend in-person instruction due to a COVID
outbreak, we will discontinue services for the same period of time.

Faith OPC Welcomes You

Click here to watch the live stream of our worship service – February 21, 2021

Click here to view the order of worship for February 21, 2021

5640 Salt Valley View
Lincoln, NE 68512

(About 12th & Old Cheney)

No Afternoon Worship

Do not let your heart envy sinners,
But live in the fear of the Lord always.
Listen, my son, and be wise,
And direct your heart in the way.

Proverbs 23:17,19