5640 Salt Valley View
Lincoln, NE 68512

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First Sunday, Trustees meeting
Second Sunday, Leadership class
Third Sunday, Session meeting
Fourth Sunday, Leadership class
Fifth Sunday, Open


October 27-29
Dr. Peter Jones will be here for a series of messages
during Reformation weekend.

Friday, October 27
7:00 pm The Cultural Climate
St. John’s Reformed Church, 1101 S. 26th St.

Saturday, October 28
7:00 am Friendly Fire with Stu Kerns
KLIN radio 1400 KHz
10:00 am False Ways of Dealing with Homosexuality
11:00 am How to Love God in Our Sexuality
St. John’s Reformed Church, 1101 S. 26th St.

Sunday, October 29
9:45 am The Five Points Of Oneism and the Five Points of Twoism
11:00 am The Gospel First and Last
Faith Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 5640 Salt Valley View

Sunday, October 29
7:00 pm The Good Confession
Zion Church: PCA, 5511 S. 27th St.